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Everyday Supermarket Featured

Everyday Supermarket is the flagship and ultimate face of Everyday Group. It has locations in the Port Harcourt, Owerri and Abuja. The Everyday Supermarket shops popularly called the Everyday Emporium, is filled with a wide variety of assorted items that carter for all income strata.

Everyday Supermarket is known for the quality and variety of products from groceries, cosmetics, food and provisions, baby/infant products, household appliances, furniture, electronics and Toys. It also has a wide variety of local food items and spices including a fully functional Butchery and frozen food section.

In addition, Everyday Supermarket Shops are equipped with in-store Bakeries. The Bakeries produce the Everyday Supermarket Bread with over 36 varieties which are every family’s delight on daily menu.  The quality/standard of production has been certified by the Food regulatory bodies to conform to GMP (Global Manufacturing Practices) Standards e.g NAFDAC, CPC and the Federal Ministry of Labour etc.

The shopping ambience in all Everyday Supermarket Shops is distinctive and ensures customers safety and pleasure while shopping. The operation runs on strong modern and state of the art ICT infrastructure. The check-out points are equipped with Point-of-Sales software and systems that make final check out by customers easy and effortless.

The shops are supported by a large central Warehouse, where distribution and control of Branch Network activities are centered. This forms the hub of our business as it commands very high storage capacity and meeting the stock requirement of all the locations.