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PayAttitude Featured

PayAttitude is a Payment Scheme with innovative technologies for payments and financial transactions with focus on mobile and digital payments. PayAttitude is owned by a consortium of leading Nigerian banks.
PayAttitude Global was incorporated and granted license in 2013 by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to operate as a payment scheme.
PayAttitude Global is the owner of the registered trademark PayAttitude®, Person to Person with a patent granted in Nigeria in 2017 with the associated pay-off line Pay With Just Phone Number®.
PayAttitude owns the patent for the innovative Technology and Process that enables phone number to be used for different transactions available across all channels ATM, POS and WEB. These transactions are approved or authorized from ONLY the personal devices of the holder/customer of the PayAttitude bank/partner.
As one of the major players in the Payment Industry, Pay Attitude is introducing this innovative and convenient payment option as another major contribution and added value to the payment industry.
PayAttitude Digital
PayAttitude Digital is the 1st and only multibank USSD and App for POS, ATM, Web and person to person transactions with just phone number. PayAttitude digital is linked to a subscriber/customer’s Debit or prepaid account enabling the subscriber/customer to debit his/her account(s) for different payment transactions.

Accounts can be linked or created by simply downloading “PayAttitude Digital” app from the app store or by dialing *569# (USSD). Subscribers can conveniently and securely carry out transactions by themselves or through family, friends and staff by simply entering the subscriber’s telephone number at POS, ATM, Web or Mobile device. The subscriber is then located and requested to authorize transactions by entering their 6-digit PIN on their personal devices.

Built on a convergent platform around lifestyle, habits and attitude of various consumers that value convenience and security, it can be used also for different payments including C2B (Consumer-to-Business), P2P (Peer-to-Peer), G2P (Government-to-People), Collections by membership associations or organizations such as clubs, worship organizations etc.
PayAttitude Digital Collection Solution
Offerings, dues and contributions can now be collected easily by just inputting members' mobile numbers and they receive notifications on their mobile phones to authorize the transaction and the collector is credited immediately.

PayAttitude Corporate
PayAttitude Corporate, an end-to-end secure and convenient payment solution that provides corporate organizations the ability to make payments to the unbanked population through the creation of prepaid accounts and authorize bulk payments all with phone number while also promoting financial inclusion and digital money for the unbanked through the use of phone number.

For the prepaid accounts created via PayAttitude Corporate, the account holders/employees will be able to access the funds from their accounts through cash withdrawals at ATMS or Agent locations through Agency banking and make payments through phone number. The solution supports usage on mobile app for smartphones and USSD.

About UP Agency Network

UP Agency Network is the new frontier for Financial Inclusion in Nigeria. This will not only bring financial services to the under-banked but also provide an aggregation or a convergence of financial and non-financial institutions to provide services at lower cost, wider reach and greater convenience to all Nigerians. 

At the center of all this, is UP’s passion for Nigeria and its desire and plan to positively impact the lives of Nigerians by providing business opportunity for millions of Nigerians to:
  •  Be self-employed (if currently unemployed) or grow existing businesses.
  •  Earn more income from commissions on the service offering.
To the end users - UP Agency Network will provide a level playing field for benefits not limited to the following:
    •  Access to financial services irrespective of location
    •  Reduce travel time and stress to bank branches
    •  Eliminate waiting time and long queues at ATMs
    •  Increase efficient service delivery
    •  Convenient cash deposit, cash withdrawal and transfers outside working hours.
    •  Bill payment and Airtime vending at convenience
    •  Access to non-financial transactions such as account opening, BVN registration, NIMC registration
UP is committed to delivering all the values and benefits of Agency Network to all Nigerians - banked or unbanked. 

To be a part of the success story and value chain, opportunities are available for all Nigerians to become either a “UP Agent”, a “UP Agent Manager” or operate as both within UP Agency Network. 

Download “PayAttitude digital” on your respective mobile store app and get registered. No formal application is required. It is a self-service.



About UP Agency Manager

A UP Agent Manager is any person authorized or duly approved having successfully completed a registration process to sign up agents. The UP Agent Manger is responsible for Agent sign-up and guidance on its operations.

The UP Agent Manager could either be at the National or State level. At a National level, the UP Agent Manager can sign up agents across the country while State level is limited to and within the state. A fee of N75,000.00 and N50,000.00 is applicable for National and State level UP Agent Manager registration respectively and will be deducted directly from account to successfully complete the registration process.


Terms and Condition
  •  In order for a UP Agent Manager to be paid commission, the Agent Manager must ensure that all UP Agents signed by the UP Agent Manager includes the UP Agent Manager’s phone as part of the Agent’s registration process.
  •  UP Agent Manager is expected to act with integrity and character: if any UP Agent Manager is known not to act as such, UP reserves the right revoke license.
  •  Any UP Agent Manager that defrauds or engages in any irregularities while dealing with members of the public will be blacklisted and reported to regulators and law enforcement agencies for prosecution. UP Agent Manager must display Signages at their respective locations. These Signages will be available at UP’s State offices.
  •  Available services and commission payable to UP Agent Manager per transaction through its Agent’s operations is as below and may be reviewed from time to time by UP;